Hi, I'm Alma, your Chicago-based content strategist.

I'm a trained journalist and editor, which is what makes me a great content strategist and content marketer. Over the last 10 years, I've told, and continue to tell, thought-provoking and engaging stories that inspire audiences and elevate brand communications and employee communications. I collaborate with large creative and technical teams to rebuild and digitally transform websites supported with strategic content.

As a content producer, I have expertise in making magazines, videos, digital articles, infographics, podcasts and other specialized content types for brands and clients in an agency, in-house or freelance setting.

In addition to strategic editorial and storytelling skills, I'm a fast learner: I can understand complex topics across varied industries to clearly and accurately articulate each client's value proposition and brand narrative to the audience.

Plus, I’m an overall awesome, cheery person looking to grow, lift up teammates, talk about what you're watching on TV or listening to, and nail down the best banana bread recipe. 

Selected work

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