To market, to market: Meet four of the vendors ready to help set your table this season

Every year, the first day of the Lawrence Farmer’s Market is a pretty big event. It means spring is arriving and it’s time to get some fresh produce and other wonderful goods from Kansas neighbors.

Telling that story could be a short paragraph with a list or a map, but instead, I thought it’d be more fun to introduce some of the vendors in a more visual fashion: baseball cards. Using CSS3, I designed four “cards” describing four vendors that sold items other than fruits and vegetables, using images taken by Journal-World photographers and information gathered by reporter Sara Shepherd.

This was also practice for cross-browser optimization. Many of our users visit on Internet Explorer so the CSS3 flip animation I used wouldn’t work for them. I designed a couple of versions that would work for everyone.

Click here to go to the live version on

Click here if you have Google Chrome or Firefox to see the full CSS3 animated version or view it in the iframe below.

What did you think? Let me know!