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The politics of Persian poetry

The politics of Persian poetry

Please note that this story was recorded for a quarter-long project submitted to WBEZ. Iranian poetry gives a voice to the hushed. The United States’ relationship with Iran centers on politics and nuclear weapons. But one Chicago group is trying to change that by showcasing the Middle Eastern country’s art across the city. Many great … Continue reading »

On the margins: Bipartisanship in Michigan

On the margins: Bipartisanship in Michigan

The Republicans continue to accuse President Obama of dividing the nation, but zoom into a tiny church in Michigan on the eve of the GOP primaries and it seems its their extreme politics that alienates those on the outskirts and forces them to choose a side… not theirs.

Romney Rocks Flint

Romney Rocks Flint

At his Kettering University rally Saturday, Presidential candidate Mitt Romney talked struggling economy and downsizing government, but was it all noise?

Does Andersonville need a Trader Joe’s?

When you mention Trader Joe’s, chances are someone will exclaim that they love the place. But as rumors swirl of a Trader Joe’s opening in the close-knit neighborhood of Andersonville, it doesn’t seem like a cookie cutter chain store has the staying power. Alma Bahman has the story.

What it takes to Occupy Evanston

The quiet township of Evanston is simmering with political unrest as the Occupy Chicago movement spreads to the suburbs. Meet the man behind the marches and picket signs. Alma Bahman has the story.

Shortdocs – Nemo

I met Nemo at the Occupy Chicago movement. It had been a while since it began and was starting to die down, but the sidewalk on Jackson and Clark had become his home.

CPS raises property taxes to close budget gap

Last week, the head of Chicago Public Schools released the budget proposal for the 2012 fiscal year, which closes a $712 million deficit. CPS will pull $240 million from last year’s surplus. Another $320 million will be cut from employees’ cost-of-living raises, funding from extra school programs and operations like restructuring bus routes. To stay … Continue reading »

Chicago’s premiere place to Tango Che

Much of Argentine tango is improvised, meaning you have to think on your feet. But when Daniel and Ramona decided to open their own studio, they had to apply that creativity to the business side. After a lifetime of dance and seven years of exclusively tango, the partners brought this Argentine tradition to Edgewater almost … Continue reading »