Lawrence Journal-World: ‘Reborn’ churches in Lawrence (map)

Reporter Sara Shepherd wrote a lovely piece about the history behind many of the churches in Lawrence, particularly those that are now converted and used for other purposes. I made a map, using Google Maps Engine, plotting each of these churches and the great Instagram photos Sara took.

The five converted buildings (orange dots) aren’t the only historic churches in town. Some still function as churches (purple squares). Click the icons for images and a fun tidbit about these historic sites.

Lawrence Journal-World: Lawrence Christmas lights displays (map)

Some families in Lawrence take their Christmas decorations very seriously. Some displays are controlled by computers, other have their own radio signal so you don’t have to leave your car to enjoy the music that plays with the display.

For this story, I plotted those houses on a map using Google Maps Engine. I also put out a call on social media, asking Lawrencians to submit photos of their decked out houses to add to the map as well:

Lawrence Journal-World: From the Emerald Triangle to the Sunflower State (digital package)

Alma Bahman

Months and months of reporting went into this four-part series, based on court records, interviews with law enforcement officials, examination of official documents and other sources.

I’m so proud and glad I got to contribute digital elements to this amazing story, a complicated jigsaw puzzle that became the biggest drug bust in Lawrence history. I put together the digital package where the four-part series will live online, a timeline of events (using my favorite Timeline.js tool) and a series of trees (using Thinglink and Google flow charts), illustrating the connections between the more than 40 players in the game. I also made the maps used in the print and online versions.