PMI: Advice from Project Practitioners: How to Get Ahead

The PMI® Global Congress—held in Phoenix, Arizona in 2014—is an opportunity for the Project Management Institute to bring project practitioners and members together from around the world to learn, discuss and engage around their industry. With a little support from my team members, I did man on the street video interviews to gather the footage for this video, where we asked… Read more →

Lawrence Journal-World: Mise en place: A place for everything

Mise en place is French for ‘put in place.’ And it’s a sort of philosophy for cooks, centering around organizing and creating a plan for cooking efficiently. I tagged along with Journal-World features reporter Nadia Imafidon and photographer Richard Gwin into a home kitchen to create videos of mise en place in action. In these shorts, Elif Andac-Jones, who throws a lot of dinner parties, prepares elements of her dishes before she actually begins cooking them.

Mise en place: Making filled phyllo dough from Alma Bahman on Vimeo.

Mise en place: Making orange almond chocolate flourless cake from Alma Bahman on Vimeo.